Daniela Fasciolo-Barnes – In House Therapist

Daniela has many years of SEN experience and has been involved with Headstart for 18 years. Daniela is a qualified teacher and has a masters in psychology. Daniela finds working with students and staff at Headstart inspiring and highly motivating. Daniela enjoys offering individualised support to both students and staff.

We are a therapeutic Home and our young people thrive in this environment. The therapeutic programme is integrated in to every aspect of how staff work. They are supported by our therapists and offer continuity of care and strategies. This ethos is of positive reinforcement and confirms the positives by building self-esteem and positive behaviour. We have a small mini-farm and an equine centre on site where young people are encouraged to interact and work with the animals. This increases self-esteem and improves empathy. We also offer Art therapy, music therapy, ‘talk time’ and many others. The assessment will determine which programme is best suited to the individual young person. We have a history of success with challenging behaviour.

Access to our in-house therapist who will closely monitor and put therapeutic supports in place. Within the first 12 weeks of placement, each young person will be fully assessed and a behaviour support plan put in place. At this stage, our therapists will assess the types of therapies needed to support. This may include;

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • Social Skills Interventions.
  • Sensory-Based Therapies.
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • ABA therapy
  • Talk time

An individual plan is used to support each Young Person.

In-House Therapist

Daniela Fasciolo-Barnes 

Daniela is our in-house therapist available all day every day to support our staff and young people. She is a qualified teacher with an Honours degree from the University of Farnham, a PGCE from Brunel University and has a Masters in Psychology.

She is available for ‘talk time’ and co-ordinates all the therapeutic input of each of our young people. She ensures all necessary assessments are completed and a clear therapeutic programme is in place. Daniela has years of experience working in special education and set up the primary department at Headstart School. She is passionate about young people with complex needs, SEMH and ASD and the support they need to further develop their skills and pathways towards independence.

We have also contracted the services of TLC, Daniel Horan to work a minimum of 24 hrs week.

Daniel Horan

Daniel is a Consultant working with children, their families and schools around the UK. He runs a weekly after-school social skills group for children in Brighton called Social Detectives.  He delivers support and training to families, schools and support groups, and has presented at conferences worldwide. He is the SEN Governor at school in Sussex and coaches a local cricket team during the summer. He had planned to study law after school, but his ambitions changed after working and living with children with autism during a summer on the Camp America programme. He has been working in the field of special education for 20 years. He has worked at the National Autistic Society, The Autism Partnership (in the UK and California), The Education Alliance (New York) and as a Senior ABA Consultant at the Treehouse school. He co-founded the TLC in 2010,

He holds a degree in Psychology from Birkbeck (University of London) and has completed post-graduate training in Family Therapy (Institute of Family Therapy) and Applied Behaviour Analysis (Florida Institute of Technology). He is currently studying for an M.Sc. in ABA at the Tizard Centre (University of Kent). He is a member of ABAIAPBA and UK SBA.

The final component of our approach is professional therapy. Once the young person or child has finished their 12-week assessment and stabilisation period, working with the child we clearly define their objectives and outcomes and move them into a personalised therapy programme with relevant interventions tailored to their needs. Within the scopes of Headstart there are a number of specialist therapists we may use from speech and language CBT, Art therapy and OT. This process is continually monitored to ensure that the child or young person receives the correct therapy to enable them to reach their goals and outcomes.