Welcome to Headstart Residential Care

We are a small organisation offering a service with a personal touch. Our main aim is to improve young peoples’ life chances. We are dedicated to offering an individual service for each child in our care, in order to, more than meet their needs. We work holistically and have created homes with a nurturing and caring environment.

Below is just a little about us to let you know how we work. Please call us if you need any more information.”

Nicki Dann Registered Provider

Headstart Residential Care has a nurturing and therapeutic approach to the care of our young people and they thrive in this environment. The therapeutic programme is integrated into every aspect of how staff work. They are supported by our therapists and offer continuity of care and strategies. This ethos is of positive reinforcement by building self-esteem and positive behaviour.

On our main site at Oakfield House, the house is set in its own grounds and is a more rural location. We have a small mini-farm, small animals and pets’ area, and equine centre, where young people are encouraged to interact and work with the animals. This increases self-esteem and improves empathy.

We offer a 2-bed annex for young people to be cared for individually and have their own specialist staff team around them. The main house offers three beds for young people who will be living in a family environment, interacting with others, and improving both social and emotional and independence skills.

Our second home Croft House is based in Bexhill and offers a cosy two-bedded home for young people gaining independence and life skills training essentially. Most have been at Oakfield House and have progressed to Croft House. This is based closer to a town and allows young people to develop life skills and independence in preparation for leaving us.

We still work closely with the therapists and with our young people individually to meet their varied and complex needs.

We are closely linked to Headstart School, but our young people are encouraged to attend a school best suited for them. This may involve some home tutoring, a specialist provision such as Headstart School or mainstream school if appropriate. As a teacher myself, education is one of my priorities for young people and we ensure all our young people attend education in one form or another.