Oakfield House

Caroline Melia

Caroline Melia – Registered Manager

I’ve been working for Headstart for 6 years now and helped open both our homes. I hold a level 5 in residential children’s services and before Headstart had a history of managing adult services.

Since working for Headstart I have been part of some tremendous success stories with our young people. I have been part of developing both Homes  into therapeutic environments where we work closely with our therapists and Thrive practitioners to further support and develop the needs of our vulnerable young people.

Manoli Vachoumis

Manoli  Vachoumis – Deputy Manager  

I started my career aged 18, as a youth-worker, I worked in this field for 20 years where I supported various projects. I began working with CYPs with challenging behaviour and took on a role in an SEBD school in Seaford where I worked for 13 years and held the position of senior houseparent. During this time, I also worked for Albion in the community working on the NCS programme and helped coordinate the programme during the summers. I wanted to progress my career and moved to Headstart Residential Care in 2016, working at Croft House, where I worked as a senior residential worker. After a short period of time I was offered a deputy manager position, where I supported the launch of Oakfield House

In my time with Headstart residential we have seen amazing outcomes with our young people with our therapeutic approach. I feel extremely privileged to be in the position I am in. This allows me to help us achieve our goals and vision as a company and support the development of our young people. 

Georgios Vramis

Georgios Vramis – Deputy Manager

Over the years I have worked and managed  in several children’s homes, working with both complex and EBSD needs. I have moved to Headstart Residential to use my skills and my desire to be an effective practitioner. My passion is the therapeutic input with complex needs and more challenging ASD young people.

I particularly enjoy working closely with the therapist in making the care plans tailored to the individual and seeing them make huge steps in their lives.  I really enjoy passing on my knowledge to staff, as I truly believe that a consistent and continuous approach is essential in ensuring that children with complex needs experience a steady and creative environment. This environment supports their growth, development and transition into adulthood and integration to the wider community.

The Home

Headstart Residential Care’s primary aim is to provide a safe, nurturing  and therapeutic environment. The home aims to provide opportunities for maximum growth in all areas of a Young person’s life. The Home endeavours to proactively support the young people in moving forward with their lives whilst understanding, and working with the difficulties they have experienced in their earlier years, such as disruption, abuse or discrimination. Oakfield House works with young people with learning disabilities, ASD and complex needs.

The Home will ensure that each young person’s Individual Care Plan is followed by young people having a say on all aspects of their care being encouraged to express their wishes, views and beliefs.

Young People who are placed at Headstart Residential Care will have access to school, be that mainstream or specialist provision. We have close links to Headstart School in Ninfield. A specialist school offering an excellent range of extracurricular activities and courses. This allows us unlimited access to horses, their farm, obstacle course, and acres of outside space 365 days a year. They will also have access to therapeutic input from outside the home if required. If further assistance is required it will always be our intention to find the most appropriate person to work with them.

Young people placed at Headstart School are sometimes long-term non-attenders and/or have complex needs. It is our aim to engage all young people back into full-time education where possible.

This can include initial placements at our special education provision, Headstart School, with a longer-term aim of re-integration into mainstream schools or full-time provision with ourselves or another specialist provider. Exceptionally, home tutoring can be arranged if alternatives cannot be accessed, but only on a short-term basis whilst a more appropriate provision is sought.